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Question from lsaiah, a student:

write the following numbers from greatest to least

3 1/2, 7/3, 80%, 2.5, 0.94

Hi Lsaiah,

You have a mixed number, an improper fraction, a percent and two numbers written in decimal form. I would first convert the percentage. $80\% = \frac{80}{100} = 0.80$ so now the list is

3 1/2, 7/3, 0.80, 2.5, 0.94

Next write the improper fraction as a mixed number. What is the list now?

Two of the numbers in the list are less than 1. Which ones are they? Which one is the smaller?

Of the three remaining numbers, which one is the largest. Which is the larger of the two remaining?

List all 5 in order.


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