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Question from Maximilian:

Hi, i have a strange issue with the phrase "faster than" in percentage, ie. if i have a 10MB/s connection, and somebody has a 7MB/s connection, is it 30% faster or 50% faster.-
which ( affirmation, phrase, sentence ) is the right one:

a:) My 10MB/S connection is 50% faster than the 7MB/s ?
b:) My 10MB/S connection is 30% faster than the 7MB/s ?

Thanks in Advance, and please if you can teach me why !

Hi Maximilian,

I think of this as the percentage increase of the speed when going from 7MB/s to 10MB/s and percentage increase can be calculated as shown by Stephen in a response to a question from Galland. You are going from 7MB/s to 10MB/s so Stephens expression gives

\[\frac{10 - 7}{7} \times 100 \% = 42.86 \%.\]


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