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Question from Scott:

If a soccer ball travels 30 yards or roughly .017 miles in 2 seconds how fast was the ball going in mph?

Hi Scott,

The units tell you what to do. There are 1760 yards in a mile so

\[30 \mbox{ yards} = 30 \mbox{ yards}\times \frac{1 \mbox{ mile}}{1760 \mbox{ yards}} = \frac{30}{1760} \mbox{ miles.}\]

Also there are 60 seconds in a minute so

\[2 \mbox{ seconds} = 2 \mbox{ seconds} \times \frac{1 \mbox{ minute }}{60 \mbox{ seconds }} = \frac{2}{60} \mbox{ minutes.}\]

What is this in hours?

What is 30 yards for every 2 seconds in miles for every hour?


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