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Question from Shamsudiin:

HI there i am currently doing a level maths AS

I don't understand how to graph this Question y=g(x+1) i really need help please
please respond to this problem


You didn't ask a question, you just wrote an expression "y = g(x+1)". What are you asked to do with this expression?


Hi there

it was example which i am going to send picture i am not suppose to do anything with it but i find strange its graph but i don't understand the part were they say replace the x by (x+1) then suddenly you see y = g(x+1) = (x+1)(x-1) i don't understand where 3 brackets of (x+1) come from.??

Best of regards


hi Shamsudiin,

I didn't receive your picture and you last email was somewhat garbled so I hope I understood it correctly.

Were you given an expression for $g(x)?$ If so I expect it was $g(x) = x(x-2).$

To obtain an expression for $g(x+1)$ you need to look at the expression for $g(x)$ and every time you see $x$ replace it by $(x+1).$ thus

\[g(x + 1) = (x + 1)(x + 1 - 2) = (x + 1)(x - 1).\]

Does this answer you concern about $g(x+1)?$

Which graph do you find strange, the graph of $y = g(x)$ or the graph of $y = g(x+1)?$


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