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Question from Tina, a student:

How do you solve x+1/3=x+2/5. X+1 divided by 3= x+2 divided by 5. What's x=

Hi Tina,

You have

\[\frac{x+1}{3} = \frac{x+2}{5}\]

and you are to solve for $x.$ I would first eliminate the fractions starting by multiplying both sides by 3 to get

\[3 \frac{x+1}{3} = 3 \frac{x+2}{5}\]

which simplifies to

\[x+1 = 3 \frac{x+2}{5}.\]

Hence you have eliminated the fraction on the left side. What should you do next?

Once you have found $x$ make sure you verify that it is correct.


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