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Question from vickie, a student:

Determine the central angle needed to form a pie chart for the following housing characteristic data: 63% owner occupied, 27% renter occupied, and 10% vacant

Hi Vickie,

Suppose the same survey asked for the finish on the outside of the house. 42% said painted, 32% said brick, 18% said steel siding and 8% said other.


pie graph

I am going to start a pie chart for this data with the chart sector for steel siding, the sector shaded green. 18% of the houses had steel siding so the sector so 18% of the area of the circle will be shaded green. By the symmetry of the circle the measure of the central angle for this sector will be 18% of the central angle of the entire circle. Thus

\[t^o = 0.18 \times 360 = 64.8^o\]

Try this technique with your data,

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