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Question from Angie:

I am dyslexic and have problems with spelling and math I'm trying to figure 4.610 Acres Square trying to figure out how many feet or yards of one side if that makes sense to you thank you I'd really appreciate the help

Hi Angie,

If the region with an area of 4.610 acres is a square, that is all four of its sides are the same length and the corners are all right angles, then I can show you how do answer this.

Suppose each side is of length $s$ feet then the area is $s^2$ square feet. Hence if you know the area in square feet then $s$ is the square root of this area. However you know the area in acres, not square feet, so you need to covert 4.610 acres to square feet. I don't remember many conversion factors so I use Google.

When I typed 1 acre in square feet into the Google search window I got the response that 1 acre is 43,560 square feet. Hence multiply 43,560 times 4.610 to find the area of your region in square feet. Then take the square root of the result to find the side length in feet.


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