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Question from Errin:

the price of the watermelon is directly proportional to its weight. If a watermelon that weighs 22 pounds cost $\$5.40,$ how much will a 17.5 pound watermelon cost?

Hi Errin,

How much would a 11 pound watermelon cost? $\large \frac{22}{2} \normalsize = 11$ so 11 is half of 22 and hence the 11 pound watermelon will cost $\large \frac{\$5.40}{2} \normalsize = \$2.70.$ Likewise if a watermelon is one quarter the weight of the 22 pound watermelon it will cost one quarter of $\$5.40.$

What fraction of 22 pounds is 17.5 pounds?

I hope this helps,

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