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Question from Georgia:

Good Afternoon,

I'm planning on building a raised bed garden measuring 6 feet long x 4 feet wide x 12 inches deep. I'm not sure how to calculate the amount of soil to fill it up. I will have to purchase the soil in 2 cubic feet bags.

I've read several articles about this topic on various gardening ß, and one of them stated it would take a ton of soil to fill up an 8 foot long x 4 foot wide x 12 inch deep raised bed garden.

I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help me out with this quandary.

Thank you for your prompt and courteous response.

Kind Regards,

Hi, Georgia,

The volume of a "box" is the length, times the width, times the height if they are all in the same units. Your bed has a depth of 12 inches which is 1 foot so its volume is $6 \times 4 \times 1 = 24$ cubic feet. Each bag of soil is 2 cubic feet so you will need 12 bags.

God luck with the garden,

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