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Question from Katherine:

Suppose the winner had reduced his average cycling rate by .1 mile per hour.
By how much would his time have changed?

(the cyclist's rate is 23.66 miles per hour and the answer to the question before this
one was that he cycled 2,292 miles in 96.87 hours)

Hi Katherine,

If the cyclist rides at 23.66 miles/hours for 96.87 hours then he would travel

\[23.66 \frac{\mbox{miles}}{\mbox{ hours}} \times 96.87 \mbox{ hours} = 23.66 \times 96.87 \mbox{ miles} = 2.292 \mbox{ miles.}\]

If his rate reduces by 0.1 miles/hour to 23.56 miles/hour, and the distance remains at 23.66 miles what is the time to make the equation above true?


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