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Question from Nydia:

What is the formula to calculate the following:

I nee to find out what the sheet price be. The dimensions are 2000x3000 mm into ft they are 78x1181.
The sq ft price I have is $22.16. How do I figure out the sheet price from that?

Hi Nydia,

2000 mm is 78 inches so I think you are using the wrong conversion factor. It's easier to let Google do it. I typed 2000 mm in feet into the Google search window and the response was 2000 mm is 6.56168 feet. Now you try 3000 mm.

Once you have both dimensions in feet multiply them together to calculate the area in square feet. Since each square foot of the sheet metal costs $\$22.16$ multiply the number of square feet by $\$22.16$ to find the cost.

I hope this helps,

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