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Question from Asha:

{2x=-3y …1
{x-2+-4/3(y+1) ...2

note: … is equation


I think there is a typo in your question. I think the first + in the second equation should be =. Let me know if I am mistaken.

If I am correct then the equations are

\[2x = 3y \mbox{ and } x-2 = -\frac43 (y+1).\]

The first task I would perform is to eliminate the fraction in the second equation. To do this multiply both sides of the second equation by 3 to get

\[3\left(x-2\right) = 3\left(-\frac43 (y+1)\right)\]

which then becomes

\[3x - 6 = -4(y + 1).\]

Simplify and then solve the simplified equation with the first equation. Make sure you verify your answer.

Write back if you need more assistance,

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