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Question from Ida:

Got this question from my friend;

Let say, I have 10k of capital and I ran business for 4 months.
The first months i loss 50%, the second month i loss 50% and so do the third month.
The fourth month my profit is 50%

So can I calculate the balance of money that i have out of my capital?


Hi Ida,

you started with 10,000 and in the first month lost half of it, 50%, so you have 5,000 left. In the next month you lost 50% of what was left. What do you have left after 2 months? In the third month you lost 50% of that so what do you have left at the end of the third month?

In the fourth month you made a profit of 50% of what you have. How much Do you have at the end of the fourth month?


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