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Question from Lenton:

I have a 48 sq. feet area that I need to cover.&

How many cubic ft would I need to cover 48 sq. ft.?

Hi Lenton,

It looks like you are covering a 48 square foot region with topsoil or something similar. If so how deep is the covering layer?


Lenton replied:

not deep, the rock will be 3-5 inches black Mexican Rock.

1 foot is 12 inches so 5 inches is $\large \frac{5}{12}$ inches.

The volume of a slab is the area of the base times the height so your slab of rock has a volume of

\[48 \times \frac{5}{12} = 20 \mbox{ cubic feet}\]

if it is 5 inches thick. I'll let you do the calculation if it's 3 inches thick.


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