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Question from Melanie:

If the hotel pan measures 12 inches long x 5 inches wide x 6 inches tall, how many quarts of soup will the hotel pan hold?

Hi Melanie,

The volume of the pan is its length, times its width, times its height so it is $12 \times 5 \times 6$ cubic inches. Suppose the answer is $N$ cubic inches. Now you need to know the number of cubic inches in a quart. I don't remember the conversion so I would have to look it up which I would do using Google. Type What is 1 quart in cubic inches? into the google search window and google responds with 1 US liquid quart is 57.75 cubic inches. Thus thevolume of the hotel pan in quarts is

\[(12 \times 5 \times 6) \mbox{ cubic inches }\times \frac{1}{57.75}\frac{\mbox{ quarts }}{\mbox{ cubic inches }}. \]


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