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Question from Ronald:

I have a cylinder that is 32 inches round by 25 inches deep how much water can it hold

Hi Ronald,

The volume $V$ of a cylinder is given by $V = \pi \; r^2 h$ cubic units where $r$ is the radius of its circular base and $h$ is its height and $\pi$ is approximately 3.1416. Your units are inches so the volume will be in cubic inches. You also know that $h = 25$ inches so all you need is $r.$

The circumference of a circle is given by $C = \pi \; d$ where $d$ is its diameter. You know $C= 32$ inches so its diameter is $\large \frac{C}{\pi}$ inches. The radius is half the diameter and hence $r = \large \frac{d}{2}.$ Now you can find the volume $V$ in cubic feet.

If you want different units say gallons the ask Google. Just type What is V cubic feet in gallons? into the Google search window.


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