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Question from Akash:

if (2,1) is on the f(x), what is the coordinate of the corresponding point of -2(f(2x-6)+5?


You are missing a closing ")" in the expression you sent and I'm not sure where to put it. I am going to assume you mean

\[-2(f(2x-6) + 5)\]

Since $(2,1)$ is on he graph of $y = f(x)$ you know that $f(2) = 1.$ by "the corresponding point of $-2(f(2x-6) + 5)"$ I think you are being asked to find the value of $x$ so that $2x-6 = 2.$ For that value of $x$ you then have

\[\left(x, -2(f(2x-6) + 5) \right)\]

on the graph of

\[y = \left(x, -2(f(2x-6) + 5) \right).\]

Write back if you need more assistance,

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