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Question from Allie:

The length of a rectangular swimming pool is p m and its width is q m. Its given that the length of the swimming pool is twice its with. if the perimeter of the swimming pool is 150 m, find the values of p and q

Hi Allie,

Sometimes it helps to draw a rough sketch.


In this problem you are told that the length of the pool is $p$ meters and its width is $q$ meters. You are also told that the length is twice the width so

\[p = 2 q.\]

You are also told that the perimeter is 150 meters. What is the perimeter in terms of $p$ and $q?$ This expression is equal to 150 meters so now you have two linear equations in $p$ and $q.$ Solve this pair of equations for $p$ and $q.$

Make sure you verify your answer.

Write back if you need more assistance.

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