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Question from Juvy:

Ben finished seven seconds ahead of Mike.
Noel finished three seconds behind of Sam.
Mike finished five seconds behind Noel.
In what order did the friends finish the race?

Hi Juvy,

I drew a line representing time in seconds and for example for runners Annie ($A$) and Clara ($C$) if Clara finished $t$ seconds ahead of Annie I put Clara $t$ units to the right of Annie. I started with Ben and Mike and since Ben finished seven seconds ahead of Mike I put Ben 7 units to the right of Mike.

time line

For the next statement the runners were Noel and Sam and I don't see how they fit relative to Mike and Ben so I moved to the next statement. "Mike finished 5 seconds behind Noel". Where does Noel fit on the line? Now that you know where to fit Noel, what about Sam?


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