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Question from Kamohelo:

An empty tank for storing water from a borehole has a volume of 480m3 if it is filled by a pump that pump water at a rate of 16L/s how many hours will it take the pump to fill this tank


The problem here is that the volume of the tank is given in cubic meters and the flow rate of the water through the pump is given in liters per second. So the volume in one case is expressed in meters and in the other case it is expressed in liters. You might know how many liters are in a cubic meter or you might look it up. You can ask Google "How many liters are there is a cubic meter?" I'm a Mac user so I asked Siri.

Once you know the number of liters in a cubic meter convert the volume of the tank to liters.

Can you solve the problem now? Write back if you need more assistance.


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