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Question from Pat:

trying to figure out division of tips I have 3 full time employees 40 hrs a week and 1 part time worker 12 hours a week what percentages do i give them to give them appropriate tips :-)

Hi Pat,

In total they work $3 \times 40 + 12 = 132$ hours in a week. Each employee works a percentage of the total hours worked. For example each of the full time employees works $\large \frac{30}{132} \normalsize \times 100 = 30.3\%$ of the total worked hours. The part time worker works $\large \frac{12}{132} \normalsize \times 100 = 9.1\%$ of the total worked hours. One way to distribute the tips is to pay each of the full tie workers $30.3\%$ of the tips and the part time employee $9.1\%$ of the tips.

I hope this helps,

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