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Question from Renee:

I am an AP Statistics student who is reviewing for the exam.

On one of my review worksheets, we have to create a stem-and-leaf plot for values with 2 decimal places (i.e. 9.14, 8.14, 8.74, 8.77, 9.26, 8.1, 6.13, 3.1, 9.13, 7.26, and 4.74).

How would I make the stem-and-leaf plot for this? I've already searched your database and nothing popped up.

If you could help me, that would be great. Thank you!

Hi Renee,

This is an unusual data set to illustrate with a stem-and-leaf plot. You could put 9.2 on the stem with 6 as a leaf, 9.1 on the stem with 3 and 4 as leaves, but then I would want 9.0 on the stem wit no leaves. 8.9 on the stem with no leaves and so on to 3.1 with 0 as the leaf. This would make a very long stem with few leaves. It makes me think of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.

I think a better option is for the stem to be 9., 8., 7., to 3. and the leaves to be 2 digits long. You need some way to separate the leaves. I did so by putting boxes around them. The start of my stem-and-leaf plot is below.

stem-and-leaf plot

I hope this helps, I really don't know what is expected,

Good luck on the exam,

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