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Question from Richard:

was given a figure by a client been performance bonus of staff , the figure is 806,698.35 from this 806,698.35 is my company service charge of 10% and 5% of the service charge will be Vat to government in summary from 806,698.35 is 10% of service charge and 5% of service charge is the VAT

Hi Richard,

You didn't ask a question. My assumption is that you want the figure before the service charge and VAT are added. Suppose this number is $x,$ then 10% of $x$ is added so the amount addles is $0.10 \times x.$ Next the VAT is added which is 5% of $0.10 \times x.$ hence the VAT is $0.05 \times 0.10 \times x.$ The total of $x, $ the service charge and the VAT is 806,698.35. Solve for $x.$


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