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Question from Sthantsa:

Jessie and Thulani each has a sum of money. Jessie’s amount is 2/5 that of Thulani’s. If Thulani were to give Jessie R198, then his remaining amount will be 6/8 that of Jessie’s amount.
How much does Jessie have originally??


Suppose Jessie has $J$ rand and Thulani has $T$ rand.

"Jessie’s amount is 2/5 that of Thulani’s." and hence

\[J = \frac{2}{5} T.\]

If Thulani were to give R198 to Jessie how much would Thulani have left? How much would Jessie have now? Thulani's remaining amount is 6/8 Jessie's amount. This give another equation in $J$ and $T.$

Solve the pair of equations for $J$ and $T.$

Make sure you verify your answer,

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