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Question from Joe:

If the next closest galaxy is 15 quadrillion miles away and there are 8760 hours
in one year; how fast would a UFO have to fly to travel from the next
galaxy, in MPH in one year ?
Google calculator gives this result: 1.7123288e+12
I don't understand what the "e+12" means.
How is that pronounced, ex. trillion, quadrillion etc..?


Hi Joe,

e+12 means that you multiply by $10^{12},$

thus for example

\[5.5795 \mbox{e+6} = 5.5795 \times 10^6 = 5.5795 \times 100,000 = 5,579,500.\]

For the names I would look at Billions and More. On this page it says that $10^{12}$ is one trillion so 1.7123288e+12 is one point seven one two three two eight eight trillion or write it

I hope this helps,

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