Sender: Stu
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 21:15:17 -0700
Math 12 Student

cos(theta) / 1+ sin(theta)=sec(theta)-tan(theta)

I've being having trouble with this one on my correspondance course.

Hi Stu,

You didn't give any instructions but I expext that you want to show that the exprression is valid.

Much of algebra and trigonometry is recognizing patterns. In the expression

The "pattern" that I see is the 1+sin(theta) in the denominator I know that I can change it to 1-sin2(theta) by multiplying by 1-sin(theta), and that 1-sin2(theta) = cos2(theta). Thus my argument would proceed as

You should now be able to complete the problem.


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