Subject: math problems
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 01:55:36 -0500

middle-8 student


1.what did one dollar equal in France francs ten years ago, twenty years ago, and fifty years ago?

Hi Richie

In 1950: $1 US was worth about 400 francs (i.e. $.0025 per franc)
In March 1969: $1 US was worth 4.95 francs (i.e. $.202 per franc)
In 1973: $1 Us was worth 4.54 francs ($.220 per franc)
In May 1987: $1 US was worth 5.95 francs ($.168 per franc)

These numbers come from almanacs that happened to be sitting about. The real story is to be found elsewhere: There was a crisis in Vietnam in the 50s, and in Algeria in 1960; The "new franc" was introduced in 1960. And my 1950s dictionary says, "[the franc was] originally equal to 19.3 cents but valued at about 1/4 cent in 1950." I don't know whether "originally equal" refers to the value at the start of the First Republic or to the Fourth.


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