Subject: Using Factoring in Problem Solving
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 18:45:50 -0500

My name is Lori. I have a problem with a problem. The Problem is....The sum of the squares of two consecutive positive even integers is 340. Find the integers.
   I would really like it if you explained to me how to do the problem then I'l figure out the problem. I'm in the 11th grade. And a student.


Hi Lori

An even positive integer is a positive integer that is divisible by 2, hence you can write it 2n where n is some positive integer. If you have two consecutive even positive integers then one is 2 more than the other. Hence you can write your two consecutive even positive integers as 2n and 2n + 2. Now the problem becomes... Find n if the sum of the squares of 2n and 2n + 2 is 340.


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