Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 14:55:34 -0300
Sender: Ronnie
Subject: Math

How many nickels would it take to cover 226km of highway,each nickel is 2cm in diameter?

Hi Ronnie

Let me try it with a shorter distance. Most weekends I drive from Regina to Fort Qu'Appelle, which is about 90km. Each kilometer is 1 000 meters (the "kilo" means a thousand) so I drive about 90 x 1 000 = 90 000 meters. Each meter is 100 centimeters (again that is what the "centi" tells me), so the distance is 90 000 x 100 = 9 000 000 centimeters. Since a penny is 2 cms in diameter it would take 9 000 000/2 = 4 500 000 nickles laid end-to-end to reach from Regina to Fort Qu'Appelle.
   If you save $2.00 per week in nickles for this project how long would it take you to have enough nickles?

Cheers, Penny

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