Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 18:14:32 EST

A number is less than 3,425 + 8,630 and greater than 7,614 + 4,429. What could the number be?
This question is on page 93, question number 23. in Silver Burdett Ginn Math book, which is a 3rd grade math book.

Thank you
3rd grade
Ocean Road School
Point Pleasant NJ.

Hi Jimmy
This is how I would do the question. 1st I would add 3425 and 8630. Then I would add 7614 and 4429. Look at the two answers. The number you want could be any number smaller than the 1st answer and larger than the 2nd answer. There will be 11 numbers. Any one of them would be a correct answer.


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