Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 20:02:52 EST
Subject: cc conversion

To whom it may concern:
Please help to answer this question: Is a cubic centimeter equivalent to milligrams or milliliters, and how many? Also, is it a liquid measure? (I am neither a student nor teacher; the question came up in work, and no one seems to know the answer. My email address:

A centimeter is a measure of length, it is a little shorter than half an inch. So a cubic centimeter is a cube, somewhat smaller than a sugar cube. A liter is a measure of volume, it is approximately a quart. A milliliter is one one-thousandth of a liter and is in fact the same volume as a cubic centimeter. A gram is a measure of weight but there is a connection between a gram and a milliliter. One milliliter of distilled water at 4 degrees celsius weighs one gram.
   Thus one cubic centimeter is one milliter and the weight of one milliter of water is one gram.



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