Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 11:20:39 -0600
Subject: Math and Writing

This may not be an inquiry for this particular service, but we are searching for teacher resources incorporating writing into mathematics. With the new state math frameworks, our district is emphasizing using the writing process to develop thinking skills in math. We are gathering available resources in this area so we can begin formulating a plan to incorporate writing skills into the mathematics curriculum.

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Hi Nancy,

Here are a few references.

Writing in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics,
John Meier and Tom Rishel,
Math Assoc of America, MAA Notes 48, 1998.

Writing Math Research Papers,
Robert Gerver,
Key Curriculum Press 1997.
(designed for high school teachers and students)

Using Writing to Teach Mathematics,
Edited by Andrew Sterrett,
MAA Notes Number 16,
The Mathematical Association of America,
ISBN 0-88385-066-4.

Communication in Mathematics: K-12 and Beyond,
1996 Yearbook,
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Walter and Rick


If you go to the Resource Room and search in the keyword field for the single word books you will find two resources, one of which is concerned with mathematical concepts which can be developed through the use of children's literature. Both of these articles contain book lists.

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