Subject: Word problem
Name: April
Who is asking: Student
Level: Middle

Ok, my algerbra teacher gave me this problem and by just looking at it I can tell what the answer is but he wants me to show how I got the answer in an equation form.

The tempature at 7am on a cold day was -4 degrees Celcius. At 3pm the tempature was 1 degree Celcius. Write and solve an equation to find out how many degrees the tempature rose between 7am and and 3pm.

Hi April,

Suppose that the temperature at 7am was 8 degrees Celcius and at 3pm was 20 degrees Celcius.

  • How much did the temperature rise?
  • How did you do it?
  • Can you write an equation for what you did using S for the temperature at 7am and T for the temperature at 3pm?
  • Does the same equation work when the temperature goes from -4 degrees to 1 degree?


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