my name is Beth and im in my junior (11th) year of high school. Obviously im a student and i have a question answered that will allow me to go further into my math project and its research.

The question is: Who is the mathmatician that united algebra and geometry???

a response as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated. Although thank you in advance, you are of great assistance.

Hi Beth,

Descarte, in his book "The Geometry" which was originally an appendix to "The discourse on the method". This is available as a Dover book, and very easy to read, at least for the first chapters. The titles of the first chapters are "How the calculations of arithmetIC ARE RELATED TO the operations of geometry", "How multiplication, division, and the extraction of square roots are performed geometrically", "How we use arithmetic symbols in geometry" and "how we use equations in solving problems". There you see how the unification of arithmetic and geometry is made. If you see Euclid's book II at the site, you will see how geometrical problems were solved BEFORE algebra was introduced.

You can read more about Descartes at The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, go to the Biographies Index and look under D for Descartes.

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