Could you please give me a couple of examples of when you MATH guys would use a google. Do youu measure, like, galaxies with it ? Or was it created to keep track of Mr Gate's bank account.

Cheers Kevin

Hi Kevin,

The only place where I have seen a googol used is in comparing the size of some "large" numbers. A googol is 10100, that is 1 followed by 100 zeros. I don't know how many galaxies there are but I do know it is considerably less than a googol. The one number that I was able to find for you that might help with the size of a googol is that if the entire universe were filled with protons and electrons, leaving no empty space between them, the total number of electrons and protons used would be 10110. The number appears in the article by Edward Kasner and James R. Newman, referenced in Large Numbers, an answer given by Chris to a previous question. If you can find this article I am sure that you would enjoy reading it.

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