Please Help!!!!!! I am in year 8,secondary school,(at Sanit Stephen's College,Q.L.D, Australia) and i have an assigment due on Tuesday the 6th of June.There is this QUESTION that i have no idea about. can you help me????

The question is find the value for pi to 5 decimal places????

There is one draw back,i need an URL-INTERNET SITE FROM WHERE I GOT IT FROM.....If you can,can you please please please send me the answer,i am an A+ student in Maths,.My mum and dad have both tried to find the answer on the internet, and they canot find the answer.PLEASE....I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! Thank you for taking your time in reading my e-mail, it is greatly appreciated.

Hi Emily,

I went to the search engine at and searched for the word pi. One of the results was a reference to a book, "The Joy of Pi". It is at On the first page of this site you can read a few digits of the decimal representation of pi. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the link called digits you will go to the page which contains the first ten thousand digits in the decimal expansion of pi.

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