Sender: Gloria

For years my family has had an on going debate on the number of city blocks in a country mile. We vary from a minmum 8 blocks per mile to a maximum of 12 blocks per mile.

Do you have the answer?

Thanks, Gloria

Hi Gloria,

Math Central is in Regina, Saskatchewan, a city in western Canada. I am not sure where you are but I am sure that the size of a city block varies from city to city. It is very flat here and there were no trees when the city was established so the central part of the city is laid out with streets rinning east-west and north-south. Many cities are not structured that way. Both Rome and Washington DC have the major streets emanating from the center like the spokes in a wheel. Also if you look at a street map of a city where the streets run perpendicular to each other the blocks probably don't look square.
   I asked the the Regina Urban Planning Board, an agency of the city, and the response was that in Regina there are 16 blocks to the mile on east-west streets and 9 blocks to the mile on north-south streets. I suggest that you call the appropriate office in the city where you live and ask your question there. If you do so write back and let me know what they say.

Nadine and Penny


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