Subject: how to make a pictograph

Please tell me how to make a pictograph.I am 2 grade student.


Hi Ali,

Suppose that for Halloween I had three kinds of treats to hand out, chocolate bars, Potato chips and raisins. Ten children came to my door and 5 took chocolate bars, 3 took potato chips and 2 took raisins. I can draw a pictograph to illustrate this.
   My pictograph to describe what the children chose is going to take three lines on the page. The the first line I write raisins, on the second line I write potato chips and on the third line I write chocolate bars.

Potato chips 
Chocolate bars 

Now I draw 10 pumpkins, one for each of the children who came to my door.

I put 2 pumpkin on the first row because 2 children wanted raisins.
I put 3 pumpkins on th second row because 3 children wanted potato chips.
I put 5 pumpkins on th second row because 5 children wanted chocolate bars.

Potato chips    
Chocolate bars

This is my pictogram.


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