From: jennifer

Dear Expert,
I am a Fifth grade student researching how math is used in various careers. What kind of math is used in your career? How do you use math? Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Jones

Hi Jennifer,

I am a mathematician and I use many kinds of mathematics in my job. I teach university students who are going to be mathematics teachers so I use all the mathematics that you have seen and will see to the end of high school. I sometimes teach calculus to university students who are studying to be Engineers and statistics to students who are working toward a business degree.

Also in the Quandaries and Queries of Math Central we get questions in many areas of mathematics; arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics and more. We even get questions like why is lb the abbreviation for pounds, what do you call the line between the two numbers in a fraction, who first used the number zero.

If you are interested in what kind of career you can have with a math degree look at You Can Do THAT With a Math Degree?

Good luck in your project,
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