Name: leslie
Who is asking: Student
Level: Secondary Question:
add  4x+1    3x+2    49x+4
     over  + over +  over
     x-8     x+4     x^2-4x-32

           6      2x
solve  x- over = over
          x-3     x-3

Hi Leslie,

Working with algebraic fractions is very similar to working woth arithmetic fractions. To add fractions they need the same denominator. You have denominators x-8, x+4 and x2-4x+32. But x2-4x+32 = (x-8)(x+4) so if you multiply the numerator and denomonator of the first fraction by x+4 and the numerator and denomonator of the second fraction by x-8 then all three fractions will have the same denominator. That is

Now expand the numerator and simplify.

For your second problem I would multiply both sides by x-3 and then solve. Thus

Solve this equation for x and then verify by substituting into the original equation.

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