5th grade math I'm Max

Find the one that does not belong 66 333 99 111 88

also if you have 3 hats and 3 jackets and 3 gloves, how many different combinations of a hat and a jacket and gloves can you wear?

Hi Max,

For the first question try dividing them by 3

The answer to the second question is not so clear;

  • First put on a jacket. There are three choices.
  • Next, regardless of which jacket you have on, put on a hat. Since, for each choice of jacket there are three choices of hats, there are altogether 3x3=9 choices for a jacket and hat combination.
  • Finally, put on a glove. For each combination of jacket and hat there are 3 choices for a glove so there are altogether 3x3x3=27 choices for a jacket, hat and glove combination.

The problem with this solution is that we usually wear two gloves, and they each fit only the right hand or only the left hand. The answer above is correct if all three gloves are left hand gloves or if all three gloves are right hand gloves. If two gloves fit the left hand and one fits the right hand then, after you have your jacket and hat on you have two choices for the left glove and one choice for the right hand glove. In this case the answer would be 3x3x2x1 = 18. The answer is also 18 if two gloves fit the right hand and one fits the left hand.

Claude and Penny
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