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Subject: triangular numbers and square numbers

To Whom Can Help Me:

Would someone find me some math activities using triangular numbers and square number. Especially acitivities that actually form the shapes. They need to be at the 5th grade or 6th grade level. But you can not find anything that can be tauht at these level, that fine. I just need to be able to teach this new subject or kind of math to my kids. The district just gave us this math and not many or any examples or resources. Most of us had to teach our self and really just swinging it. I've got the just of it but for myself to teach but not activities to use. I need as many as possible. Please contact me with what you might have and I'll later leave my school address in order you someone to mail out to me.

Thank you so very much for your time and attention. I really and many other teachers really need some activities. Even if it's junior high, high school or college. I and many others just need this activities in order for the children to better understand.

Triangular Numbers and Square Numbers: building the shapes along with the numbers.


Teacher Need Help Again!

Hi Emily,

Here are a few suggestions

If you go to the Quandaries and Queries section of Math Central and search in the keyword field for the word triangular you will find two notes, both called "triangular Numbers" which may help.

Look in the Mathematics Teacher, Middle years Teacher... by the NCTM.

Szetela, W. (1999). Triangular numbers in problem solving. Mathematics Teacher 92, 820 - 824.

Look for books like the following.

Sobel, M. A., & Maletsky, E. M. (1999). Teaching mathematics: A sourcebook of aids, activities, and strategies (3rd ed.). Toronto, ON: Allyn and Bacon. Cheers,
Rick and Penny
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