Subject: a math dilemma

good morning-i am taking a course "math for elementary teachers" and i have a take home problem that i really need help on. here is the question
-the million dollar problem
a recent item in the newspaper described a robbery in which the robber had held up a local bank for 1 million dollars in small bills, had the tellers put the money in a briefcase which he gave them, and fled the scene on foot. is this story believable? explain your answer!

now what i need help on is the dimensions for a 20.00 dollar bill, 10.00 bill, 5.00 bill and a 1 dollar bill etc. i definitely do not want the answer just a little help please and quickly. and how many bills are packaged & wrapped. i just have no idea where to begin!

thanks melissa

Hi Melissa,

The length and width of a bill you can find easily by just measuring. I am not sure how to find the thickness (or weight). You might estimate the thickness by measuring the thickness of a package of photocopy paper or printer paper. I know that we buy paper in 500 sheet packages. I am not sure how the thickness of bills compares to the thickness of printer paper. Maybe you can tell if they are approximately the same by feel.

Another method might be to call your bank, especially if you know someone who works there. Ask how thick a bundle of bill is and how many are in a bundle.

I hope this helps
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