Subject: Percentages

What is the best way for a parent to explain how one calculates percentages?

ie. Commission is $54268. Total Sales $403114.00 from that number how do you calculate the percentage of sales of various expenses.

A speedy response would be much appreciated!


Hi Nancy,

In the example you give the commission is $54268.00 for $403114.00 sales, that is $54268.00 commission per $403114.00 sales. Cent comes from the Latin word centum which means 100 and expressing "$54268.00 commission per $403114.00 sales" as a percent is asking what is the commission per $100.00 sales.

Thus $54268.00 commission per $403114.00 sales is

54268/403114 = $0.1346 commission for $1.00 sales, which is

$0.1346x100 = $13.46 commission for $100.00 sales

Thus a commission is $54268.00 for $403114.00 sales is 13.46%

I hope this helps,


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