Mildred Saulsbery
elemantary alg.

Find the value of the expression.

6(5+1) - 9(1+1)
   5(8 - 6) -23
Hi Mildred,

When evaluating a mathematical expression evaluation should take place in the following order.

  1. Operations that are inside Parentheses

  2. Powers (Exponents)

  3. Division and Multiplication

  4. Addition and Subtraction
(some people remember this as PEDMAS.)

With your expression performing the operations in this order gives

At this point you might wonder what to do next. The rules above suggest that you divide, but you can't because you don't have a numeric value for the numerator or denominator. Multiplication gives

Again you can't perform the division without evaluating the numerator and denominator. This evaluation gives

and thus

6(5+1) - 9(1+1)
   5(8 - 6) -23

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