Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 13:05:09 -0700
Subject: Help with three mathematicans!

I am a sophomore in high school and have been assigned a research paper on over thirty mathematicians. I was able to find information on all but three. I need to know the birth and death dates and major contributions of these three mathematicians. Any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated. George Stigler, T.C. Koopmans and Thomas Guthrie are the three that I cannot seem to find. Thanks in advance.

Ashley Tacheira

Hi Ashley

George J. Stigler (1991 (Renton, WA) to 1991 (Chicago, IL)) was an economist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1982. As far as I know he was not a mathematician.

Tjalling Charles Koopmans (1910 (s,Graveland, the Netherlands) to 1985 (New Haven, CT)) was a Mathematical Economist. He introduced statistics into economics. He won the Nobel Prize in economics in 1975

I know of no Thomas Guthrie. Perhaps you are looking for Francis Guthrie. He was the first to ask if 4 colours suffice for colouring a map.


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