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22 team golf league

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A 22 team golf league 2014-04-21
From Terry:
We have a team league at our local golf course. We have 22 teams, we would like it so that each team plays the other team only once. I have tried the scenario.
1,21;2,20;3,19;4,18;5,17;6,16;7,15;8,14;9,13;10,11;12,X X+1=1 scenario
2, 1;3,21;4,20,5,19,6,18;7,17;8,16;9,15;10,14;11,13;1,X
using formula from other post in your forums.

I can get all the possible playing arrangements. The big quandary is setting up the schedule so that each week, each team would start on a different hole.

I can get the first 11 weeks scheduled very easily, it is just trying to get the last 11 weeks scheduled?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answered by Victoria West.



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