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A cereal box that has a volume of 12000cm^3 2008-11-24
From William:
Hi, I have this math question that says construct a ceral box that has a volume of 12000cm3 and the surface area of the box has to be between 3200cm2 and 400cm2, I found some dimensions that are 20 by 20 by 30 and it works, but when I attempt to make the box, or make a net I would need this hugh piece of paper/cardboard, which I don't have, is there an easier way to find different dimenshions so I dont need a hugh piece of paper to create a net easily? Because i've tried trial and error but it has taken to long and I cant find anything,else, thats resonable.
Answered by Harley Weston.
The volume of a cereal box 2008-03-03
From Lawson:
I have calculated the volume of a box of cereal whose dimensions are: Length - 19 cm
Width - 3 cm
Height - 27 cm

I need help with the follow question: If 2cm3 = 30 pieces of your cereal, how many pieces of cereal will fit in your box? What do I do the calculate?

Answered by Penny Nom.



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