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Constructing a cross country district schedule 2015-12-13
From David:
Retired math teacher trying to help son-in-law schedule a cross country district schedule. The would like to have four tri-meets each week for five weeks and one week of dual meets. The score the tri-meets as three duals, i.e. 1v2, 2v3, 1v3 constitutes one tri-meet. After many hours, not sure its possible, but I have forgotten a great deal! Thanks
Answered by Victoria West.
The cross country team 2002-06-12
From Denae:
In cross country, a team's score is the sum of the first five finishers on the team. The captain of the team finished 2nd in the meet. The next four finishers on the team placed in consecutive order. The team score was 40. in what places did the other members finish?
Answered by Penny Nom.



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