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Scheduling a social curling league 2015-10-20
From Tyler:
I'm scheduling a social curling league where all skips will play with all thirds, all seconds, all leads. And all thirds will do the same and so on. We have 6 teams of 4 and will be doing 6 rotations. Is it possible that all skips will play with all other players from other positions without anyone doubling up?
My initial thoughts were (1,1,1,1) (2,2,2,2) (3,3,3,3) (4,4,4,4)(5,5,5,5)(6,6,6,6)... then rotate the thirds up and seconds down but don't know what to do with the leads and even with just 3 positions there's doubling (1,2,6,x)(2,3,5,x)(3,4,4,x)...4s have doubled (4,5,3,x)(5,6,2,x)(6,1,6,x) as you can see I'm having problems
If you could let me know if this is even possible it would be greatly appreciated

Answered by Victoria West.
Probability and curling rings 2012-07-16
From Fatima:
In the olympic event of curling, the scoring area consists of four concentric circles on the ice with radii of 6 inches, 3 feet, 4 feet, and 6 feet If a team member lands a (43 pound) stone randomly within the scoring area, find the probability that it ends up centred on a.red b.white c.blue

I am explaining the figure also in words The smallest Circle is of White color then a blue colour circle then again a White colour circle then the last big circle of red color The answer for a bit is 5/9 I tried it with many ways but I am not getting the answer Please clearly tell me what is n(S)and what is n(E).

Answered by Penny Nom.
Mathematics of Schedules 1997-01-16
From Byron Krull:
I was asked if there was a mathematical method to work with schedules. The problem is this. There are 24 teams playing weekly on 4 sheets at 3 different times of the day as follows...
Answered by Denis Hanson.



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